Family & Friends to be Honored

1. Kvatter: typically grandmother, aunt, sister or woman who brings baby into the room where brit is to be performed.

2. Kisai Eliahu (Elijah’s Chair): Man who takes baby from Kvatter and places baby on Elijah’s chair.

3. Sandak Rishon (First Sandak): Takes baby from Elijah’s chair and places baby on Sandak’s lap before brit.

4. Sandak: (Man who holds the baby during the bris ceremony:)

5. Recitation of Kiddush (Two blessings in Hebrew):

6. Giving of the Name (Recitation of several sentences in Hebrew which include the baby and parent’s names):

7. One Holds Baby After Brit (During Kiddush and Baby Naming):

8. Kvatter Shani (Second kvatter): One who brings baby out of room after brit ceremony to then be fed and watched

9. Contact Name

10. Contact Email

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