About Rabbi Bauman

about-pageRabbi, Doctor Jay Bauman was born in New York and received his orthodox rabbinical ordination in Jerusalem. He continues to advance his learning and is presently writing course material for Yeshiva Perchai Shoshanim on the topic of ‘Milah.’  Built on two decades of surgical experience of ‘hospital circumcisions,’ Rabbi Dr. Bauman subsequently developed an expertise in the halachot (Jewish laws) while honing his skills in the proper technique of orthodox Brit Milah from both Rabbi Chaim Schabes (Monsey) and Rabbi Efraim Josevic (London).  He has performed thousands of Brit Milah since 1999. 


Dr. Bauman graduated from Chicago Medical School in 1982, with honors and AOA, and then in 1986, successfully completed both his internship and residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology, with honors, at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan.  He is considered an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of women who suffer from repetitive miscarriages and fetal losses. His other area of expertise is in the early detection of fetal structural and genetic abnormalities combined with ultrasound.

Dr. Bauman has for twenty-nine years tirelessly dedicated himself to the field of obstetrics and gynecological surgery at the following hospitals:  Mt. Sinai Hospital, North Shore University Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital. In spite of the fact that Dr. Bauman no longer delivers babies, he still practices gynecology. 

On several occasions, (most notably during the ‘Second Intifada’) , Rabbi Dr. Bauman had volunteered his time and expertise working and teaching on the labor floors at Israel’s most prestigious medical centers, including Hadassah Medical Center in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem and Tel Hashomer Sheba Medical Center outside Tel Aviv.

Community service has been an integral part of Dr. Bauman’s life, dedicating both his time and energy to help improve the many spheres of Jewish life in New York and in Israel. Serving as both vice-president and board member at Congregation Orach Chaim New York, board member at Aish HaTorah in New York and San Diego Jewish Experience and Division Leader at UJA in both Young and Senior Physician’s Divisions, he has touched and helped better so many lives. He is active in the minyans of both Chabad UES and at Orach Chaim, N.Y.



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